Wait, so who are you?

Hi there! I am your host, award-winning music critic, high-five-winning Arts critic and general East Vancouverite, Transylvanilla.

My name is Lucas Westhaver. Keep that on the down-low.

Are you just joining us now? Did you get here by Facebook? It’s okay, I won’t tell anyone. I review music! It’s true! I’ll also be reviewing loads of other things, and will attempt (it is impossible, of course) to be relatively objective in my assessment of each: we do Fairness ’round these parts. That also means I’m going to have to listen to things I normally wouldn’t, watch things I would never watch otherwise, and give accolades to people I might personally think are jerks.

Those are the reasons I love this job. 

I’m a Transylvanian guy, raised by Scots, in conjunction with some Germans, and at least one French Canadian: I am the international bastard and I live in Vancouver, Canada.

Here’s how we run things around here: I’m gonna experience stuff, and then you’re gonna read it (or have it read to you by SIRI), vehemently disagree (or vehemently agree), and spam my comments section with the sort of vitriol you usually reserve for Drake albums and Star Wars fans (or, if you like, Frank Ocean albums and Star Trek fans).

I once listened to Insane Clown Posse for 36 hours, just to know what it was like.

I will review literally anything, just drop me a link. Sometimes I change the grading rubric at random.

We are going to be friends.

Need to contact me? Please do! Twitter’s down below, electronic-mailing address is here: 

transylvanilla at gmail dot com

A Facebook!

facebook dot com slash Transylvanilla

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