Friends of the Show

I’m a writer, and that means a whole ton of my friends are writers too. This space is reserved for them: people I like, who write stuff. A hall of fame for people whose links I am linking in hopes of receiving links in return! Reciprocity makes the world go ’round or something. Astrophysics.

° ° °

J. Gillingham is a friend of mine, and has been working at this one for a good while now. I’ve been editing it, and I can say on the record that it’s a fun read, and that the dude always gets his historical details correct. Except for when they’re shooting flames from their hands.

J. Gillingham presents: The Power of Hands 

° ° °

Here’s a guy I went to school with, I wrote essays alongside, whose voice-recording for a University project I still have sitting on my iTunes for some reason. Giovanni Zenone is a talented writer, a video game critic, and a good buddy of mine. He also reads comics. Follow his Broken Ideas blog to find out the sorts of things he thinks about! I know I do.

Giovanni Zenone presents: Broken Ideas 

° ° °

Ryeburg is a friend, a veteran of concerts with yours truly, and someone with whom I have planned like a million different projects. He knows all sorts of stuff about all sorts of things, and he lives in this wonderful city of ours, right here in Gotham Vancouver. Stay a while, and listen!… to a man that knows more about tabletop gaming than I know about anything at all.

Ryeburg presents: Geek in the City

° ° °

James Plett writes at a staggering pace and he’s hilarious. Another writer friend, from my now apparently long list of writer friends, his self-description does his hilariously-named blog more justice than I ever could. Here he goes: THE PLETTEAU is a place that some attempt to reach and never can. It’s like a summit, but less pointy. It sounds a little French, but it’s not gay. It’s THE PLETTEAU.

James Plett presents: THE PLETTEAU

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