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Friends of the Show Update: Round 3

Quick one here to drop off another writing buddy, James Plett of the ingeniously-named THE PLETTEAU. He’s clever, incisive, and hilarious. He also writes at a pace that is frankly frightening. I’m going to shut up now, and let his intro do the talking:

THE PLETTEAU is a place that some attempt to reach and never can. It’s like a summit, but less pointy. It sounds a little French, but it’s not gay.


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Friends of the Show Update: Round 2

Ah, ’tis the season. Non-denominational Holiday Trees are going up on the University’s common area, flashing lights are strung haphazardly across the trees near my house in their charming, avant-garde way, and friends are emerging from the ivory tower of post-secondary education.

Today, I introduce a man that has decided to stop writing papers in order to write other, smaller papers. His name is Ryeburg, and as he will tell you, he is a Geek in the City. He knows more about tabletop gaming than I ever could, he loves awesome metal, and he is an appreciator of cats. This December, let’s go check out his blog.

Ryeburg presents : Geek in the City

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Friends of the Show Update!

Quick one here (I’ll be back to work soon, promise!): the ‘Friends of the Show’ page has been updated, complete with two friends of mine. Both of them are on the internet. They are good men. Here goes:

Giovanni Zenone writes Broken Ideas, a blog of thoughts, which so far contains but one high-quality essay on New West legend Devin Townsend! Here’s hoping for more, the guy can write.

J. Gillingham brings us The Power of Hands, historical fiction that is totally accurate, except for when it isn’t (for awesome reasons).

That’s all for now! Let me know if you want to be featured. I can, and will, feature you – for we are the internet, and we ought to be friends.


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