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LOUDR Hosts A Music Collection Fit for the Season: Game Music Bundle …Of The Damned!

It’s October again, the perfect season for all manner of spooky games (hello, A Machine for Pigs) movies (Black Sheep, anyone?) and music (Siouxsie!). And do I ever mean creepy music: just in time for Devil’s Night, the good people at LOUDR’s @GameMusicBundle have released another one of their fantastic and fantastically-affordable bundles to represent the season, this time entitled Games Music Bundle… of the Damned! As a sort of musical accompaniment to the Humble Indie Bundles, the Game Music Bundles come in a pair of exceedingly cheap formats – 1$ and 10$+, this time – packed with an absurd amount of bang for your buck.  I’ve long been an outspoken advocate of Video Game Music as a legitimate form of composition, and this pack is loaded with great examples. Here’s the album rundown, which reads like an autumnal bowl of lacquered gourds, for your Hallowe’en-themed pleasure.

At the one dollar US price mark, soundtracks for:
Amnesia – The Dark Descent
Amnesia – A Machine for Pigs 
Bloodrayne: Betrayal
Dead Space

And if you’ve got 9 extra dollars to spare, at the ten-plus mark they add:
gone home
Year Walk
Penumbra – Special Edition OST
The Horror of Ms. Aurora
Organ Trail 
Alice: Madness Returns
Plants vs Zombies
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories 
Manor of the Damned!
…and a special-edition version of Costume Quest‘s OST, maximized with bonus tracks.

Because we’re closing in on Hallowe’en, GMB’s gone even further to sweeten the deal. If the enormous amount of music weren’t enough of an incentive, they’re offering a series of bonus incentives for the top buyers.

In first place, now over $120: A special edition physical copy of LIMBO and a signed copy of the Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs score. 

For the top three buyers, now over $51.67: Physical copies of Dead Space and Alice: Madness Returns for either XBOX 360 and PS3, along with a Steam key for Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs.

And for the top ten buyers, at over $50: Some sort of creepy mystery gift, courtesy of Game Music Bundle itself! Let’s hope it’s candy. 

Clearly, the deal can’t be passed up – I’m guilty of hosting a happily obscene amount of Video Game soundtracks here on my faithful drive, and this awesome bundle will be no exception. The deal’s good until Tuesday, November 5th at 10pm PST.  

Any soundtracks in particular catching your eye, any obvious missteps or missed opportunities? Still too scared to spin the physical edition of Silent Hill 3‘s spine-chilling soundtrack? Weigh in below!


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