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Stuff We Like: SATAN IS REAL

Once upon a time, Charlie and Ira Loudermilk ditched their hilarious last name, took up the ‘Louvin’ mantle and produced one of the most bizarre, ironic and successful Christian Country albums of all time. Ira Louvin/Loudermilk had an aesthetic vision: two car-salesman lookalikes in powder white suits manically flourishing their jazz hands under the watchful eyes of a 12-foot plywood Satan, heaps of tires blazing just out of sight nearby – the ultimate simulation of Hell. This, friends, is 1959’s Satan Is Real.

Charlie and Ira wrote twelve evangelical songs ranging in title from “Are You Afraid to Die?” to “Satan’s Jeweled Crown”, beating Metal to the satanic album-title punch by a cool two decades. Ira, for one, lived every minute of it: from his reputation for alcoholism to that one time he was shot three times (in the back!) for abusing one of his (many!) wives, he ensured that the irony flows pretty thick in Satan Is Real. This is evangelical country at its most effective, iconic and hilariously ironic. Johnny Cash was a big fan.

We like Satan Is Real because it is astounding – seriously, look at that cover.

Originally published in The Peak, February 2011. 

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Stuff We Like: Violent Jay’s Twitter Feed.

The talkative half of the Insane Clown Posse raps about collecting severed heads, keeps his dignity after having his phone eaten by a pelican, spreads the word of God via Evangelical Christian Shock-Rock, starts the world’s first Waffle-House Brawl (please, please look up their mugshots), and puts the white face-paint over his goatee because he does not give a damn. Seriously, have you ever tried to read his tweets? It’s the diary of a suburban madman, he’s lost and confused. Gems like “I’m about to take JJ to Toys R Us cuz I ran over his bike this morning” and “I made friends with a big raccoon at home, fed him lunch meat by hand. Now he keeps sellin me out, tippin over garbage cans and shit. Furry hoe” are the tip of the iceberg here. It doesn’t matter what his music sounds like: when a man makes a Western movie called “Big Money Rustlaz” and doesn’t even bother to take off his clown makeup? That is the sort of thing that earns a man’s respect. Please follow him.

MMFWCLJ or whatever.

Originally published in The Peak, November 2010. ‘Stuff We Like’ is a brief comedic column, generally commenting on things we find hilarious, or, you know, Like. If this article creates any ICP fans, I apologize deeply and sincerely. 

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