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Scott Pilgrim Versus The World: The Game

Let me get this out there: in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game, you’re gonna fight The World. From pixelated Toronto to pixelated Subspace, it’s Go Time. A love letter to beat-em-up gaming complete with button-mashing and trash-can-throwing combat, this is River City Ransom for your hipster friends: eat sushi to boost stats,bass-battle a vegan for the right to date a chick with Technicolor hair and fill a couch with three buddies while chiptune musicians Anamanaguchi and Victoria artist Paul Robertson (see: this insane thing) send everything from errant robots to vicious half-ninjas your way. Oh, and couch-surf you will: with crazy, grinding difficulty and the omission of online play, Pilgrim wants you on that couch with Sex Bob-omb + Ramona. This is a gaming anachronism. This is old-school game design with the guts to be stubborn.

So fight, Scott Pilgrim. Fight.


Originally published in The Peak, September 2010. 

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